Podiatrist are experts at treating all types of foot health problems from simple nail or skin conditions to complex bone problems. They can spot a developing problem and correct it before it becomes serious. Best of all, they can teach you how to take care of your feet and prevent many foot ailments from occurring.

Do Your Feet Need a Doctor?

Yes, if you answered yes to any of the following problems.

The bottom of my heal hurts all day, and hurts worst when I get out of bed in the morning.

Often caused by tearing of the tissues on the bottom of the heel. 

I have a large bone bump near my big toe (or little toe) which is always red.

Probably a bunion which is inflamed and enlarged.

I have painful calluses on the ball of my foot which keep building up.

Often happens when the metalarsal bone is displaced downward by a bent-up "hammertoe"

The sides of my toenail dig into the skin and hurt.

Could be ingrown toenails, which can easily cause infection.

I get a very painful cramp near my third and fourth toes when I wear shoes.

May be a nerve tumor called a "neuroma".

My toes aren't straight - they are bent up and they hurt.

Probably "hammertoes," which can result from arthritis, short shoes or other causes.

My toenails are streaked, discolored and thickened.

May mean your nails are infected with fungus or a form of ringworm.

I have corns on my toes which get thick no matter what size shoe I wear.

Probably caused by rubbing on a "hammertoe" or by a bone spur beneath the corn.

I always get cramps in my legs when I walk a certain distance.

May be caused by poor arterial circulation in your leg and foot. 

My feet are always dry and scaly and sometimes they itch.

Probably a chronic form of athlete's foot, which is a fungus infection. 

My feet just hurt all over when I stand or walk a lot.

Could be one of several problems, ranging from flat feet to arthritis. 

I have numbness, burning, infection, persistent pain, skin rashes or open sores.

If you have any of these problems, you should seek immediate professional attention.